Marty of Rise & Talk Radio is not only a friend, but also an inspiration.  He has created a platform for Dallas artists to divulge personal information about their workflow and creative process.  The program is not only limited to podcasts, but has extended into a lecture series with some of Dallas' most talented creatives not only on the panel, but also in attendance.  

Marty recently had Sarah Reyes of Exploredinary on the program to discuss some of the greatest inspirations that propels Exploredinary to continue creating.  

"On this very special episode, I sat aside 30 minutes from my busy schedule and took a couple of calls. Larry Gayao called me and remined me of why I started in the first place, and really gave me the mental lift I needed. Sarah Reyes filled me in on her current perspectives and gave me a taste of her creative process with Exploredinary. Then Marco Smith called me and told me that I inspired him to work on a huge project. (and I throw a couple jabs lol)"