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present a documentary film series on three legends of skateboarding to inspire both photographers and skateboarders alike with the extraordinary trajectory of the lives of Ray Barbee, Joe Brook, and Jason Lee.


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Ray Barbee's film

A COMMON THREAD is about finding enjoyment in things that are challenging. Ray believes that skateboarding, photography and music are all crafted by various factors outside of the artist's control, and augmented by the imperfections. 

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Joe Brook's film SKATEBOARDING IS OUR RELIGION is a pilgrimage to the epicenter of skateboarding, San Francisco, in Joe's van Big Blue.  Joe documents the cult like enthusiasm of skateboarders with various photographic techniques for his work at Thrasher Magazine with subjects: Ben Gore, GX1000, Max Schaaf, and Corey Duffel.  

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Jason Lee's THE AMERICAN PHOTO ROADTRIP, imparts the philosophies behind his signature aesthetic during a journey through rural Texas highway 380 documenting the abandoned yet cinematic American landscape, and identifying the parallels between skate tours and his photographic practice.  

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